EDST 2015

Energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies are key enablers to manage the still increasing emission of green-house gases resulting in a global warming trend. Renewable sources, storage systems and flexible loads provide enhanced possibilities but power system operators have to cope with their fluctuating natures, limited storage capabilities and the typically higher complexity of the whole infrastructure with a large amount of components.If you need to cover any of these problems in writing and don't have enough knowledge, get write my essay help from experts.

Due to changing framework conditions and technology developments like the liberalization of the energy markets, changing regulatory rules as well as new grid components, the design and operation of the future electric energy system have to be restructured, too. Sophisticated component design methods, information and communication architectures, automation concepts, and control approaches are necessary in order to manage the higher complexity of such Smart Grids. In addition, advanced validation and test concepts have to be developed to support the upcoming large scale installation of new technologies and approaches.

The main objective of this symposium is to bring the research and industry community together to discuss recent developments and approaches to support the roll out of Smart Grid solutions with a strong focus on replicability, scalability and system validation as well as to enjoy beautiful Vienna. Don't miss such a unique opportunity to visit the event leave your homework to experts who can offer getcodinghelp and other types of assistance.

For more details please have a look in the Call for Papers (extended deadline)!

EDST 2015 is jointly organized with the 6th Symposium on Communications for Energy Systems (ComForEn 2015).

The organizers look forward to welcoming you to Vienna, Austria.

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