Topics/Technical Tracks

Regular papers have to be submitted either to one of the following tracks. Before submitting a paper please have a look a the paper submission guidelines and the author rights and responsibilities.

NPO - Network Planning and Operation

Operation and control of active distribution grids and dispersed generation with strong focus on scalability and replicability, renewable energy systems integration, new roles, services and business models for distribution systems (incl. regulatory framework and interaction with transmission system operation), power quality devices, power management, modeling, simulation and control of power system, grid interconnection, distributed power generation, etc.

Track Co-Chairs: Helfried Brunner, Austria; Zhao Ma, China; Junjie Hu, Denmark

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SGC - Smart Grid Controllers and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Intelligent automation and control architectures (e.g., Multi-Agent-Systems), fault location/isolation/service restoration (e.g., self-healing system), advanced information and communication systems, Model/Software/Hardware-in-The-Loop experiments for Smart Grid applications, ICT interoperability and standardization-related topics for Smart Grids, application of Smart Grid related standards (e.g., CIM, IEC 61850, OPC UA, IEC 61499), SCADA systems for operation of power distribution grids and micro grids, recent developments in SCADA and distributed control technology, security and privacy in Smart Grids, home and building automation, co-simulation, etc.

Track Co-Chairs: Mario Faschang, Austria; Sebastian Lehnhoff, Germany; Stamatis Karnouskos, Germany

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PE - Power Electronics and Network Components

Power converters, power electronic devices, modulation techniques, integrated power electronics, modeling, simulation and control of power electronics, DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-DC conversion, AC/AC matrix converters, multilevel converters, fault tolerant converters, high frequency links, soft switching techniques, active rectifiers, inverters, FACTS, energy efficiency and storage, power electronics for Smart Grids, renewable generation (solar, wind, micro-hydro power generators), integrated renewable systems, hybrid electric vehicles, fuel cells, advanced batteries, energy storage devices and systems, electric transportation, energy harvesting, etc.

Track Co-Chairs: Johannes Stöckl, Austria; Jürgen Biela, Switzerland; Johann Ertl, Austria

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